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TBD: Episode #11: “When You Get The Message, Hang Up The Phone” w/ Charlie Murphy

February 5, 2021

Thanks for tuning in to another episode of TBD! This episode we welcome professional tattooer Charlie Murphy to discuss his passion for his career, his experience with crypto-currencies, and the seemingly imminent collapse of the world economy. I definitely learned a ton, and I enjoyed hearing his perspective of the world. DISCLAIMER: Our audio software stopped recording 10 minutes into the show without me noticing. Thank god I'm a dumb genius and saved a separate audio file from the zoom recording. However, because of that, the audio did not translate perfectly through our mixer, so Charlie's audio is way louder than how I mixed it, and I apologize if it sounds unprofessional. But at least we salvaged the show, and you can hear more clearly the great things Charlie had to say. That being said, we hope you enjoy the show. 


Check Charlie out and his work on Instagram: @Charliemurphytattoo or email him at


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