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TBD: Episode #17: “The Big Dumb Family Hour Debut Episode!” w/ Kevin Rainey.

March 25, 2021

Welcome to The Big Dumb Podcast! Thank you for tuning in! On this episode, we introduce a new sub-series of the show called "The Big Dumb Family Hour" where we welcome our family members and close friends. On this debut episode, titled "You Don't Just Wake Up With 12 Inches of Dick in Your Ass" we welcome the father of The Rainman, aka Big Poppa, aka The Original Rainman, aka Kyle's dad Kevin. We go pretty deep on this episode, and get into some potentially dangerous conversation, which made it so much fun to record. We talk about Kevin's experiences with the Freemasons, his thoughts on the JFK assassination and the fallout that followed, alternative fuels and medicines, the second constitution, past lives and incarnations, prison life, his relationship with a homeless man, and his addiction to emotional suffering and how to deal with it, and so much more. We thoroughly enjoyed this episode, heard some great stories, and learned a lot. It was quite an experience, and we look forward to the next Big Dumb Family Hour! 



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