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TBD: Episode #19: “Dad-Bod-Dinosaur Tiddy Milk” STAR WARS SPECIAL w/ Konspiracy Kyle

April 3, 2021

Thank you for tuning in to another episode of The Big Dumb Podcast. On this episode we welcome Konspiracy Kyle, host and creator of "A Conspiracy in The Force Podcast". Kyle brings his deep knowledge of the Star Wars universe to make parallels of conspiracies and nefarious actions within Star Wars to those happening in the real world. We talked about Kyle's journey through podcasting, the history and future of the Star Wars franchises, and the damage that wokeness and social justice does to Star Wars. We went deep into Star Wars, pop culture, and had a ton of laughs, especially when Kyle busted out his Star Wars Joke Book. We thoroughly enjoyed nerding out with Kyle, and we hope you will too. 


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Twitter: @Konspiracy_Kyle

Instagram: @konspiracy_kyle

"A Conspiracy in The Force Podcast"


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