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TBD: Episode #22: “All Roads Lead to Saturn” w/ Rained Out RantCast

April 23, 2021

*UPDATED AUDIO*(There may still be issues after upload, so please bear with me, and I apologize to Rained Out Rantcast. This may not be available on Spotify due to file errors.)

Thank you for tuning in to another episode of TBD! On this episode we welcome Chris, host and creator of the "Rained Out RantCast" to the show. We got right into the groove talking crypto, doge, and how the blockchain technology is related to Saturn worship. We ended up letting the thoughts flow, explored some new ideas like the true nature of dark matter, and came to the realization that all dark energy leads to Saturn. We had a ton of fun, talked some shit, and had a good time. I think you will too. 


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