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TBD: Episode #23: “Crypto, Simulations, Synchronicities and Energy” w/ Davey_Knows

April 30, 2021

Thank you for tuning in to another episode of The Big Dumb Podcast! We appreciate all of you have listened from the beginning (Thanks Mom!) and all of you new listeners that have joined us for this journey! 

On this episode, we welcome our good friend Davey Knows back to the studio to check in on his spiritual journey and enlightenment. We talk cryptocurrencies, virtual reality, money in general, Davey's UFO experience, energy and synchronicities. It was nice to have Davey in studio for a much more relaxed feel to the show. It was refreshing to get away from serious topics and to hangout with a good friend! And I definitely probably talked too much. 

Please check out Davey's YouTube channel and his socials:

Davey Knows Construction:

Davey Knows Twitter: @davey_knows


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Thank you so much! 



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