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TBD: Episode #24: “NFT’s, Cryptocurrency, and Parallel Economies Will Save Us” w/ Eloh

May 6, 2021

Thank you for tuning in to another episode of TBD! On this episode, we welcome digital artist and creative Eloh to discuss the confusing and sometimes unclear nature of NFT's, as he's an expert in the field and a creator of NFT's himself. Eloh talks about his journey as an artist going from physical to digital, and how that evolved into the NFT sphere. We go deep into cryptocurrencies and their relationship to NFT's and how all of this is the natural path forward toward saving humanity from the plans the elites have in store for us slaves. This episode is informative, educational, inspirational, and gave me a new sense of hope for the future, despite the dark times we've recently experienced. 


Please check out Eloh and his collection of digital art and NFT's, and consider purchasing one of his amazing and unique works for yourself!


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Thank you so much! 

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