The Big Dumb Podcast

TBD: Episode #28: “Finding Your Own Path” w/ Mark P. Steeves

June 4, 2021

Thank you for tuning in to another episode of The Big Dumb Podcast! Wow! What a banger! On this episode, we welcome the one-and-only Mark P. Steeves, host of the "My Family Thinks I'm Crazy" Podcast. We talked to Mark about his personal podcast journey, his perspective on reality and perception, the power to create and manifest your own reality, and a plethora of topics including UFOs, ancient history, and Tartaria. It was so great to talk to Mark and get to know him. This guy brings the best energy and vibrations to this community and everything he does. Truly an inspiration. 

You can find Mark and his podcast at

On Instagram @myfamilythinksimcrazy

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