The Big Dumb Podcast

TBD: Episode #31: “Legit Dummies” SWAPCAST w/ The Legit Bat Podcast

August 10, 2021

Thank you for tuning in to another official episode of TBD! I know we've been on a weird schedule and doing live streams a lot more lately, which I hope you all enjoy! But we get back to a more original-style episode, and what better way than with a swapcast! We joined Ben, Joe and Jen, the hosts of "The Legit Bat Podcast" on their Rokfin livestream, and had a killer time! It was great to just shoot the shit with these guys and have the kinds of conversations you can't always have everyday. Lots of jokes, a few beers, and an all around good time. Even Deplorable Janet stopped in to say hello! Can't wait to do it again with this crew. 

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