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TBD: Episode #40: ”The Line In The Sand” w/ The Patriot Party

November 18, 2021

Thank you all for tuning in to another episode of The Big Dumb Podcast! Sorry for the delay in releasing this episode. It was recorded a couple of weeks ago and was meant to be released while I was on vacation in Denver. If you listened to the last episode on the feed, you know that things didn't go as planned as we got the Coof. So I'm releasing it now, with some redacted information that is still secretive for now. 

On this episode, we welcome Mic and Vlynn from The Patriot Party Podcast! We've done group shows with them before, I've been on their show, but they had never been guests on our show, so I had to remedy that. This one is a banger. Mic and Vlynn have a ton of inside sources in the military and government, are highly involved in the political processes both locally and nationally, and have a unique perspective on politics and navigating the culture war we find ourselves in. I won't give a synopsis as to what we talked about, but I think you'll enjoy this episode. 


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