The Big Dumb Podcast

TBD LIVE! #2: “Monday Night Madness”

May 26, 2021

Thank you to all who tuned in during the live stream and thank you to all who watch it after the fact! This one was a lot fun. It was a solo episode, as Puddz had some dad-to-be duties to attend to. It was great to answer your questions and hear what you all were curious about. We took call-ins which was awesome. Vlynn from the Patriot Party Podcast called in with her thoughts on the border crisis. Then I took a call from my Mom which was great (shout out to all the moms out there). And we finished up on Stereo, talking to Rained Out RantCast about the craziness that is the cryptocurrency market. We'll see you all next time and check out our regular interview shows in the meantime! See you soon!


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Thank you so much! 

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