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The Big Dumb Beer Review #1

July 21, 2021

We are trying new things here at TBD! This time, we bring you our very first beer review. We taste and compare four different beers, give you our thoughts, and give a final rating out of 5 for each beer. This was a lot of fun, however, around the 36:00 mark we ran into some technical issues for a few minutes. You can skip ahead, but if you stick through it you'll get a little inside look into the insanity that is the Big Dumb dealing with equipment and technology. If you watch this one on YouTube, it will be broken up into 2 videos due to the technical issues. Thanks for checking it out and we hope do another beer review soon!


The beers we drank tonight:

1) "No Spoon Needed" a cinnamon crunch and cereal milk IPA by Weldwerks Brewing Co. out of Greeley, Colorado 

2) "Beam Me Up Luke" a cream ale with pineapple, coconut and blue spirulina from Ingenious Brewing Co. from Humble, Texas

3) "Imperial Somethin' Sugar Cookie" an imperial porter with sugar cookies by Wiley roots Brewing Co. also from Greeley, Colorado

4) "Quencher Glacial Frost" a blue raspberry electrolyte-infused sports beer by Turning Point Beer from Bedford, Texas


Thanks again!!!


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